Tall Heights Apr07


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Tall Heights

In a piece so fittingly named “Field of Snow”, we are captivated by
the honest, almost untouched purity of Tall Heights music.

Tim and Paul transport the listener to a place calm and unique. Away from a world doused in neon and page clicks, they urge the journey within.
In beautiful harmony, it is a call to observe the differences in travels and the hope for a morning blanketed in a fresh start.
Their harmony coupled perfectly with acoustic guitar and cello coated the quiet walls of Highrock Covenant Church in Arlington, MA.

Tall Heights provided us with a beautiful moment of retrospective sound that we are
honored to share.

For more music and info about the band go to – http://www.tallheights.com

– Mike McCann

Special thanks to Myca Wehrli for all of her production assistant and her beautiful heart!

Tall heights:
Tim Harrington – guitar & vocals
Paul Wright – cello & vocals

Big Old Big One:
Seth Wood – video
Christopher DeSanty – video
Daniel DP Perry – video, audio recording and mixing
Eran Shaysh – video and video edit

This song is an original tune by Tall Heights.
This video is an original production by Big Old Big One.