Brooklyn Sugar Company Feb18


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Brooklyn Sugar Company

“Sometimes you find the light…and sometimes the light finds you.”

Despite the snow outside…
the Brooklyn Sugar Company sings of sun. Wrapped in light and the
reflection of night, this extremely talented band of multi-instrumentalists
brilliantly harmonizes metaphors of the awesome future.

These guys are all on the top of the higher guns in New York City’s session-working musicians (including Zach Jones the drummer who is playing for ‘A Great Big World’, famous for collaborating recently with Christina Aguilera).

Draped in necklaces of light, with the cold world in the background,
songs like this are needed in the midst of a winter that seems
like it will never end. This song is reassuring; there is an end in sight; the sun will inevitably shine again. So, listen close, because the lyrics will inspire you with warm wonder, and ultimately take you home.

For more music by Brooklyn Sugar Company go to –

– Ryan Buynak

Brooklyn Sugar Company are –
Patrick Firth – keyboard and vocals
Zach Jones – drums and vocals
Brian Killeen – bass and vocals
Greg Mayo – guitar and vocals

Video by –
Seth Wood
Nathan Laver
Eran Shaysh

Edited by –
Eran Shaysh

Mixed by –
Daniel DP Perry

‘Guide Me Home’ is an original song by Brooklyn Sugar Company.
This video is an original production by Big Old Big One.