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To learn more about SHEL go to –

It was one of those random scrolls through Facebook when I saw a post saying that a band called ‘SHEL’ will be playing in Boston the following week.
Usually, since I see so many of these ads on my news feed I hardly ever click them, but this time something told me I should check it out. And so I did.

It took me about a minute in to the song to fully realize that I did the right thing by clicking this ad. The music was rhythmic and epic with lash harmonies and very interesting song writing. (just the way i like it)

After listening to the tune I started reading about the band’s background and current stage and that’s when I learned that this Colorado group is actually a family of four sister and they have been covering a lot of ground as touring musicians.

I contacted the band and things just fell in to place the best way possible. We shot this video a day prior to their show and got some new people to hear these sisters make their musical magic.

The people who came to see an exhibition at the MFA (Museum of Fine Art) stayed outside for at least 10 – 15 minutes to hear SHEL play a couple of tunes right in front of the main entrance.
We were also lucky enough to have the great ‘Street Piano’ project in Boston at that time so we used the piano that was already there and got to meet the artist who painted the piano in this clip (ARTIST NAME)

It’s always amazing to me when I get to meet and hear new bands in my journeys with the Big Old Big One crew, but the fact that this one came from a random Facebook ad that I could have SO easily miss made me even happier.

Eva Holbrook – vocals & mandolin
Hannah Holbrook – piano & backup vocal
Sarah Holbrook – violin and backup vocals
Liza Holbrook – drums/percussion and backup vocals

Video crew –
Seth Wood, Daniel DP Perry, Eran Shaysh

Edit –
Eran Shaysh

Audio recording and mix –
Daniel DP Perry

Original music by SHEL.
All the rights to this clip are reserved to Big Old Big One.