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Della Mae

Some bands have the sounds and others have the looks, it’s rare though to see a band that has it all.
Della Mae, a group of five fine young ladies with the full package of talent, charisma, and showmanship.

Bluegrass roots music is one of the more technical musics to play and these girls make it look so easy when they make their runs on their instruments. Lead vocalist, Celia Woodsmith, has an amazing wide range and control over her vocal dynamics. With such energetic performance it’s guaranteed that you will have a good time while they’re up there making music as a tight unit.

After traveling the states and Europe, the band stopped for one hot minute in Boston to shoot this video with us at the amazing little boutique shop ‘A Piece Of Heaven LTD.’ located in Brighton, MA. The owner Libbe Siskind was more then kind to open her doors, invite crowd, and give the girls free hand to grab anything they see in the store and wear it.

It was a combination of good people, uplifting vibes and the right timing for this video to get together the way it did.

We are honored to feature ‘This World’, a song that is nominated for ‘best song of the year’ at the Boston Music Awards 2013, and we wish them the best!
If you enjoy the music and want to help the girls click here and vote.

Della Mae are:
Celia Woodsmith • Guitar and vocals
Jenni Lyn Gardner • Mandolin
Kimber Ludiker • Fiddle
Courtney Hartman • Lead Guitar
Shelby Means • Bass
* guest appearance by Eran Shaysh • Percussion

Daniel DP Perry, Seth Wood

Eran Shaysh

Mix and audio recording:
Daniel DP Perry

All the rights to this video are reserved to Big Old Big One