Poor Old Shine Oct21


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Poor Old Shine

Take the energy of young musicians and put it on a tree, then add an audio recorder and a couple of DSLR cameras and you got yourself a pretty interesting scene!
Poor Old Shine had shown us that everything is possible… Even playing music while most of the band is sitting on a branch of an old tree by Spy Pond in Arlington, MA.

This CT based band is one hard-working oiled machine that does everything on its own and keeps it as true to grass-roots as possible, including the packaging of their first album that was made out of hand-crafted (and a little help from technology) cereal boxes! (Click here to watch the process of the making of ‘Poor Old Shine – Live At Infinity’)

Poor Old Shine have been traveling mostly in NE for the last two and a half years and played a whole lot of sold-out shows.
We were lucky enough to had the opportunity to work with the guys right before they took the stage at the historic Club Passim in Cambridge, MA.

Weed Or Wild Flowers, is a tune out of Poor Old Shine’s new self titled album, produced by Sam Kassirer (who’s making a cameo in the video) that is planned to be released on Nov 5 2013.
Make sure to check their website for more information – pooroldshine.com

Poor Old Shine:
– Chris Freeman (banjo, vocals)
– Max Shakun (guitar, pump organ, vocals)
– Antonio Alcorn (mandolin, banjo)
– Harrison Goodale (bass)
– Erik Hischmann (drums)

– Daniel Perry
– Eran Shaysh

Video Edit:
Eran Shaysh

– Daniel Perry