Isaiah Oct02


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Inspired by the words of the greatest American songwriters and the guitar playing of the Greek tavern, Isaiah is a Tel-Aviv, Israel based project lead by guitarist/vocalist Tomer Yeshayahu. (Yeshayahu is the Hebrew name for Isaiah)

After years of working with different bands in Israel and singing in Hebrew, (his native language) Tomer was looking for a new challenge in his music career and started Isaiah with the intent of singing in English.

Isaiah is a brand new project and has yet to release its first album. This video is their first ever release to the world.

All of Isaiah’s texts were written by Mika Avni.

Their debut album is planned to be released later this year.

For updates about Isaiah go to – Isaiah’s Facebook page

Guitar and Vocals – Tomer Yeshayahu
Video – Matan Shiloach, Eran Shaysh
Audio Mix – Daniel DP Perry

All rights to this video are reserved to Big Old Big One.