Nadia Washington Sep07


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Nadia Washington

When Brazilian jazz meets swampy Americana you get a beautiful hybrid of textures and sounds that will make sure that you pay close attention to the magic they create together.

Nadia Washington (TX) and her steel guitar player, Dylan Day (VT) bring two different worlds from two different backgrounds and make it as tasty as it gets.

On Thursday 8/15, along with Eran Shaysh on Cajon and and some other percussions, we met the two for a Big Old Big One session. We had the fortune of shooting this session of Nadia’s tune ‘What We’ve Got’ at the beautiful Spy Pond, that fit perfectly to the feel the song created.

Vocals & Guitar – Nadia Washington
Steel Guitar – Dylan Day
Percussion – Eran Shaysh
Camera 1 & Sound Editing – Daniel DP Perry
Video Edit – Eran Shaysh