Paisley Rowland Aug04


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Paisley Rowland

It started just like any other summer day– walking down the street, singing “The Thrift Shop Song” by Macklemore and updating my status to “i’m gonna pop some tags…” –when, 20 minutes later, my dear friend Paul Williams posts a comment with an AMAZING cover by this young lady, who just lays this song down like it’s nobody’s business!

That’s how we got introduced to Paisley Rowland (or in her youtube name #SincerelyPaisley), a YouTube sensation with a huge voice and the sweetest personality.

After exchanging a couple of emails we were able to set a date to shoot this video with her in Cambridge, MA.

Paisley’s YouTube channel features a lot of live videos of her covering popular tunes, but when I heard her voice I was much more interested in hearing what music she writes on her own! “Stay Strong” is an original tune by Paisley with a very clear message to everyone out there: if you want to make your dreams come true you got to keep on pushing and stay strong! (Couldn’t agree with you more Paisley)

To check more of her music go to –

– Eran Shaysh

Guitar & vocals – paisley Rowland
Percussion – Eran Shaysh
Video and audio – Daniel DP Perry
Video editing – Eran Shaysh