John Hogg (Kassini) Jul12


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John Hogg (Kassini)

It seems as though we caught lightning in a bottle on this one.
Meet John Hogg, a mighty fine vocalist from Great Britain. His voice is electric, raw and rich, steeped heavily with the influence of bluesy roots. Formerly the front man for the critically acclaimed British rock band Moke, Hogg has toured extensively with the likes of The Black Crowes and King’s X, and is currently on tour with rock/grunge/electronica duo, Kassini. We caught up with John before Kassini’s gig at the Middle East Club and the session took place on our very own Shaysh’s balcony.
It all came together right in the nick of time; with daylight fading fast, and a storm rolling in, we had time for only one take, and he nailed it. The elements combined to form a perfectly dark and brooding atmosphere. With the wind blowing and trees swaying in the background, he delivered the new single ‘Lightning,’ and those fleeting flashes of brilliant white light are indeed actual lightning strikes. A downpour ensued moments after we finished the take.
John brought the rain down.

For more music by John and Kassini go to –

Guitar and Vocals – John Hogg, of Kassini
Percussion – Eran Shaysh
Video – Chris DeSanty & Daniel Perry
Video Edit – Chris DeSanty
Audio – Daniel DP Perry
Writeup – Samantha Farrell