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Zach Deputy

Soulful, inspiring, joyful, rhythmic, unique… We could keep giving this guy more compliments but we’d have to create another post for the video itself. Zach Deputy’s music, a mixture of calypso and R & B soaked in funky jams, and topped with falsetto vocals, is truly something you don’t get to see too often! Usually performing as a one-man-band with his looping station, he can easily fool you into believing that he has many other players behind him. This session took place in Central Square, Cambridge MA, late December, 2012. The temperature was around 33 degrees farenheit, and it was snowy outside… Something that a Georgia boy is just not used to. Nevermind playing and singing outside when you can barley feel your hands.. Let’s just say that he wasn’t thrilled about it, but made it happen like a true pro! Zach played an original tune called “Too Much” with the accompany of Eran Shaysh on the Cajon.

Video by – Christopher DeSanty, Sarah Blacker , and Daniel DP Perry

Audio and Mix – Daniel DP Perry