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Yermi Kaplan

Yermi Kaplan was born in Chicago, IL. in 1961 and moved to Israel in his early childhood. Yermi is a legend in the Israeli rock n’ roll scene. Ever since 1992, when he was the drummer for “Ta’arovet Escot” who broke out with a big hit named “My Intimate Room“, Yermi became recognized nation-wide. In 1994 he started his own solo crear as a frontman and released his first CD “Yermi Kaplan And The Flowers,” (with his band at the time, the Flowers) that became a big success. In 1995 and 1999 Yermi put out two more extremely successful albums that secured his name as an iconic fixture throughout the country. Since then he release a couple of more albums and have been touring in Israel and the US on a regular bases.

This session was shot on April of 2012 and co-produced by the American video blog Big Old Big One, and Israeli studio Az.Ulay Studio in Az.Ulay’s place in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The mix was done in the US by Daniel DP Perry of Big Old Big One, and the video edit in Israel by, Efrat and Lee Azulay of Az.Ulay Studio.