Caravan Of Thieves Oct23


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Caravan Of Thieves

Throughout our musical journey we meet a lot of interesting bands from different places around the globe. All of the bands that we feature on our website are bands that we are excited about, and whose music inspires us. This time we are thrilled to feature a band with a driving gypsy jazz flavor.
“Acoustic guitars, upright bass and violin lay the foundation for mesmerizing vocal harmonies and fantastic stories. It’s theatrical and humorous. It’s musical and intense. It entertains, dazzles and defies classification while welcoming the spectator to join the band throughout the performance in momentary fits of claps, snaps and sing-alongs.”

We filmed this session in Davis Square, the heart of Somerville, MA, and we couldn’t ask to be featuring a more appropriate act for Halloween!

If you enjoyed the music, please head to to purchase a studio version of this song, and help the band raise money to prevent homelessness. 50% of all proceeds will go to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Video by – Chris Gagne, Sarah Blacker, Eran Shaysh
Sound by – Daniel DP Perry
Video Edit by – Eran Shaysh