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Cary Cooper

In July of 2012 we met Cary Cooper, a beautiful, seasoned singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. She performed there as part of the ‘Emerging Artists’ of 2012. Cary caught our eyes and ears immediately and right after her set was over, we ran to the backstage area (we had passes) and asked her if she would be interested in recording a session with us. Little that we know, Cary had a north east tour planned for September. Cary’s career started a little later then your average musician, but since then she performed over the last 10 years all over the US and won numerous prizes for her music. We are incredibly honored to present you with this video of Cary performing the song that caught our attention, “Suzanne”. This song was filmed and recorded at the great Fox Run Studio/house concert series hosted by Neale and Laurie Eckstein.

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