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Jukebox the Ghost

Here are Ryan’s words from the RSL Blog:
BEST OF 2012 ALBUM SELECTION – Jukebox the Ghost’s third album Safe Travels marks a period in the band’s career that’s steeped in change, both personally and professionally. Relationships dissolved and crumbled. Loved ones passed on. The band themselves relocated from Philadelphia to New York City and played over 200 shows since the release of their last album in 2010. In the midst of so much change, the band spent months in the studio creating what would become Safe Travels, a record that represents a shift in the band’s creative trajectory.
As it is with all things, the best stuff finds a way to preserve. Jukebox has been selling out all of it’s shows down the east coast – each in large venues. 2012 has been a great year. Somehow, I was able to coax the band into a recording session last month and what we experienced was a real treat. For the first time anywhere, listen to the bouncy synth-pop of “Oh Emily” (from the new record) captured expertly by friends Big Old Big One and UNregular Radio.

This video was hosted and recorded by Unregular Radio,

Video by Christopher Gagne and Eran Shaysh

Edited by Eran Shaysh