Shlomo Gronich Jun06


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Shlomo Gronich

Shlomo Gronich, One of Israel’s biggest rock starts since the 70’s, perform his biggest hit “Sympathy” (Sympatyah, is how you say it in Hebrew) with the accompany of Eran Shaysh on percussion. Gronich is most widely known for composing and performing Israeli pop, folk and rock songs.

“His unique style blends different music genres, including Shirei Eretz Yisraels (the arch typical Israeli music style between 1940–1980), Israeli rock, rhythm and blues, ethnic, Mizrahi music, klezmer music and Middle-Eastern”

“Gronich composed and arranged a unique Israeli-Palestinian peace and coexistence song, called in Hebrew Hevenu Shalom Aleinu (We brought peace upon us) and in Arabic Ma Ana Ajmal Min Salam (There is nothing more beautiful than peace). He gathered together a group of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian singers and musicians to perform a beautiful, Middle-Eastern-style song, with a melody that combines Israeli rock, Arab pop, and Mizrahi musical elements” (from Wikipedia)

This Big Old Big One video was recorded in Tel-Aviv, Israel by “Zipi Production House”, shot and video edited by Tahel Efrat- Azulay and Lee Efrat from “Az.Ulay Studio”, and mixed in Boston by Daniel DP Perry from “Big Old Big One”.

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