Brown Bird May13


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Brown Bird

In March 2012 I headed to Austin, TX to play at SXSW music festival. with the hope of catching as many live acts as possible, and capturing ‘Off Stage’ videos with them, I ran around from party to party. One the acts that left the strongest impression on me was Brown Bird. Dave on – guitar, bass drum, and gruff soulful vocals, and MorganEve on – violin, upright bass, cello, and harmonies, had a foot stomping show with great energies at the RSL Blog party! Between their chemistry on stage, and their folky-rock songs, they left me with a taste for more music.

After the show, I went to talk to the guys and see if they would be interested in filming a short video on the spot… They seemed interested but they haven’t eaten anything that they yet, so we decided to take a raincheck and booked a session in Boston on 5/5, right before their sold out show in Brighton Music Hall with Horse Feathers that night.

It’s inspiring to meet a successful act that can still keep it real and be humble about their achievements. Their music is pouring out of them at all times, and even when performing infront of a couple of guys with cameras they kept their energies high! Once again it was proven to me that if you work hard enough, put the right energies out there, and believe in what you do, you will get to where you wish to be!

Don’t forget to say ‘hello’ to Brown Bird on their Facebook page, and let them know that you enjoyed their video!

For more music check out their website

– Shaysh

The session was shot at DPerry Music’s studio in Boston, MA
Video – Daniel DP Perry, Eran Shaysh
Video Edit – Eran Shaysh
Audio – Daniel DP Perry
Produced by Big Old Big One