Brothers McCann Apr26


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Brothers McCann

This episode of Big Old Big one was shot in the heart of the Cambridge/Somerville roots music scene, at one of the area’s liveliest listening rooms, Toad, in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. Sat in a booth, just as a listener might, Mike and Pat McCann, and Erik White are joined by Shaysh, the band’s former drummer, who here, is the outfit’s fourth vocalist.

Brothers McCann, formerly a 5-piece soulful roots-pop band, these days has stripped down to three, staggeringly strong and unique voices that weave lush harmonies over clever and diverse songwriting styles, with memorable melodies that invite listeners to sing along almost immediately. This song, ‘St. Peter,’ is a typical set closer for the band, sung a capella with hand claps, foot stomps and audience participation. Here, the transcendental composition, originally written by Erik and Pat on but a piece of napkin, is sung with the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, aptly strummed by White as the group’s voices heartily soar.

– Sarah Blacker

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Video by – Chris Gagne
Video and Audio edit – Daniel DP Perry
Produced by – Eran Shaysh