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Air Traffic Controller

In early December of 2011, Big Old Big One crew got together with the Boston-based, Poppy Americana group Air Traffic Controller to shoot and record an off-stage session. After a two hours session we ended up with three new videos by this incredible group of musicians, performing live in an un revealed location. (wish we could tell you where it is..)
The videos include two originals, written by singer-songwriter Dave Munro, and a Tom Petty cover of ‘You Got Lucky.’

“Serving in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller, singer/songwriter Dave Munro sent home 4-track demo tapes of songs written during his deployment. With his enlistment up, Munro returned to hometown Boston and discovered an impressive number of fans, prompting the genesis of the aptly-named rock band Air Traffic Controller.”

Air Traffic Controller – Official Website

A special thanks to Joe Graham for helping Big Old Big One put this session together!

Video, Audio and mix by – Daniel DP Perry
Produced by – Eran Shaysh & Daniel DP Perry