Barnaby Bright Mar06


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Barnaby Bright

This week we are excited to introduce you to Barnaby Bright, a Brooklyn-based indie folk rock duo. We first met Becky and Nathan at ‘Cafe 939’ (Berklee College of Music), moments before their recent performance. When Shaysh first heard about this dynamic duo at ‘Acoustic Long Island‘ (a performance hall in Long Island) he knew immediately that they would be a welcome part of the BOBO family. Their magnetic personalities, love of music and each other, provides that warm, reassuring feeling that you have known them for a great long while. Barnaby Bright’s music and energy is palpable and captivating. We are so grateful to have caught it in it’s most honest and unique form and are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Checkout the link below the video for a FREE download of the audio from the session!

Becky Bliss: Lead Vocals + Harmonium
Nathan Bliss: Vocals + Guitar
Eran Shaysh: Cajon
Video & Edit – Ro Rowan
Audio Mix – Daniel DP Perry
Produced By Big Old Big One (c)