Will Dailey Dec12


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Will Dailey


Will Dailey’s performance on the Boston music blog Big Old Big One shows the singer as he is-straightforward, honest and with the kind of music that resonates with the listener. Dailey’s lyrics come from the soul, and while they likely paint the picture of his own experiences, the portrait is one we can all recognize, because let’s face it, we’ve all been  there before. The videos show the performer in a completely different light—giving fans the chance to see the face behind their favorite songs, helping to connect them in a unique way. “300 Dollar Man” sounds deeply personal, and the music flows effortlessly from Will’s guitar.

— Max Bowen

For more music by Will Dailey go to –

Percussion – Eran Shaysh

Video, Sound and Editing – Daniel DP Perry.

Produced by Big Old Big One –
Eran Shaysh & Daniel D.P Perry