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Jake Hill

Jake Hill is a singer/songwriter from Plymouth, MA, from across the country, and from down the street. He has miles on his voice, blisters on his fingers, and stories to tell. Though born and raised in America’s Hometown, it was the American Southwest where he found himself. Then he came home.

Jake has released four full-length LP’s and a handful of EP’s, and has performed from Boston to Austin in front of audiences as intimate as a couple of bottle-throwing drunks and as rowdy as thousands of fancy people doing fancy things.

Jake’s band, Deep Creek, have been playing together for a number of years now. Deep Creek is comprised of Kit Carlyle on lead guitar and banjo, Dave Robertson on upright bass, and Larry Anzuoni on percussion.

These are a group of full timers that transform Jake’s midwestern romanticism and northeastern work ethic into a blue collar bible of Americana songs that will break your back, and your heart.

Jake Hill’s “Off Stage Show” is a part of Big Old Big One’s Fall tour series in MA.

Accompanied by –
Kit Carlyle – guitar
Dave Robertson – Bass
Eran Shaysh – percussion
Sarah Blacker – Harmonies

Jake Hill –


Video, Sound and Editing – Daniel DP Perry.

Big Old Big One – www.bigoldbigone.com

Produced by Big Old Big One –
Eran Shaysh & Daniel D.P Perry