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Erik White

Erik has been making music for as long as he can remember. He started taking drum lessons when he was eight, picked up a guitar at 13, and now can be seen in a wide variety of settings playing an assortment of instruments. Born in Ann Arbor, MI in May of 1980, Erik spent his childhood on Cape Cod, his adolescence in southern New Hampshire, and moved to New York City at age 19 to study performing arts and music. While there, he joined The Greg Mayo Band, an 8-piece soul/funk/r&b band, playing guitar and singing backing vocals. The musical and personal friendships that followed as a result of that project laid the foundation for the beginnings of a professional career that is well under way today. Seven years later, Erik can still be seen playing in Greg’s band from time to time, and is now in the process of recording his first solo CD at Greg’s studio.

In late 2007, tired, hungry, and out of money, Erik headed home to the rejuvenating peace and quiet of the granite state. He then began spending more and more time in Boston, reconnecting with his old friends Mike and Pat McCann, who were getting a band of their own together. Erik joined Brothers McCann in late 2008, and for a while was living in New Hampshire, commuting to New York and to Boston to play shows. It then made sense for him to move into the Boston area, and the Brothers soon were playing shows every weekend, traveling further and further up and down the coast, and making a name for themselves in the northeast.

Erik now lives in Jamaica Plain, and is starting to gain recognition as solo artist, thanks in no small part to the work and reputation of Brothers McCann. Stay tuned for the debut album, a website, and plenty more live shows in the Boston and New York areas.


Erik White –

Percussion and Vocal Harmonies – Eran Shaysh
Sound and Video – Daniel DP Perry
Produced by – Big Old Big One – Daniel DP Perry & Eran Shaysh