Danielle Miraglia Aug11


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Danielle Miraglia

Danielle Miraglia comes armed with a strong steady thumb on an old Gibson,
an infectious stomp-box rhythm and harmonica.  Her tunes range from
heart-felt to socially conscious and will move both your heart and hips.
Her latest release “Box of Troubles” a bare-bones expression of all these
attributes, explores the highs and lows that life has to offer and has
already received rave reviews.
Leicesterbangs.com says “(Box Of Troubles)
is an assured, confident collection from an artist close to the peak of
her powers, willing and able to stretch herself to wherever she wants to
For a full schedule of upcoming performances or to pick up her music visit



Percussion and Vocal Harmonies – Eran Shaysh
Sound and Video – Daniel DP Perry.
Produced by – Big Old Big One – Daniel DP Perry & Eran Shaysh