Billy Wylder Aug04


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Billy Wylder

A certain veracity and bite comes from the life of an urban cowboy and this forges the fire that lives deep in the heart of Billy Wylder. Mountain sounds cut with city edges meet the spirit of a storied outlaw. The songs run through history with no commitment to any specific time period but draw heavy influence from some of America’s great writers including Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, Mark Twain, and David Byrne. Wylder’s a punk on horseback singing songs for the people, with the people, about the people. A fine line of gritty pickers and heroes drive Billy Wylder higher and higher. Git it!

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Percussion and Vocal Harmonies – Eran Shaysh
Sound and Video – Daniel DP Perry.
Produced by – Big Old Big One – Daniel DP Perry & Eran Shaysh